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Frequently asked questions

The installation of a heat pump takes on average 1-2 days, the more complex ones 3 days. Our professional team of experienced installers will plan everything in advance to ensure the whole installation goes quickly and smoothly. Our team will also get the pump up and running, explain how everything works and show you how to control it using an app on your phone. 

Heat pumps can be usefully combined with a photovoltaic system and buffer storage. The electricity generated by the PV system is used to operate the heat pump, while the buffer storage tank stores excess heat from the heat pump and transfers it to the heating system as needed.

The technology of typical air source heat pumps means that as the outside temperature drops, their efficiency decreases and heating output decreases. The pumps on the market are fitted with electric heaters to support the operation of the unit.

FERIS air source heat pumps are designed for aggressive weather conditions, are larger than typical units, have large evaporators and the patented iFROST defrost system. The units operate down to -20°C and use a lower heat source, air, to produce heat energy without the use of electric heaters.

Since the heat pump only requires a small amount of electricity to temper the heat extracted from the air, water or earth to such an extent that it can be used for heating purposes, it has a significantly lower loss rate than oil or gas heating systems. One part electricity becomes four parts heat. Even with rising electricity costs, a heat pump still works highly efficiently and is easy on the wallet in the long term.

Fans with electrically commutated EC motors

The devices are equipped with modern fans with EC motors achieving efficiency of over 90% and energy savings of up to 50% compared to conventional fans. These motors are quieter over the entire speed range and are much more durable and reliable. A major advantage of the fans is their ability to adapt to the required airflows by limiting the rotation speed while maintaining very high efficiency.

The large-diameter fan installed in FERIS heat pumps allows the speed to be reduced while maintaining the desired airflow, thus actually reducing noise levels and providing airflows of 3,000 to 10,000 m3/h.

The function of a heat pump is to produce more heat energy than it consumes. For every 1kW of heat energy used, the pump produces 4-5kW worth of heat. On top of this, you can apply to your distributor for a discounted rate, so your energy bill will be reduced even further.