How to choose the right heat pump performance

Modern pumps are more powerful and can operate even at – 20ºC. The main advantages are maximum savings on electricity bills, safety, low maintenance and ecology. There are significant differences between the pumps such as its size, capacity and also power. Not all heat pumps are the same. In order to properly choose the size of heat pump for your house, you need to know the features of your house, size, heat loss, insulation of the house, air filtration, etc. If you have high-efficiency insulation in the ceiling and walls and energy-efficient windows, a small heat pump with a small capacity may be sufficient for your needs.

If you opt for a larger heat pump than you will use, you will be wasting energy. If, on the other hand, you choose a smaller one, it will struggle to maintain the temperature. The larger the area you need to heat or cool, the higher the output of the heat pump you need. Several other factors also come into play.

Does this sound like a Spanish village to you? Don’t worry, our experts can advise you and together you can choose the size of heat pump to suit your needs.